Biblical Principles for Building a solid marriage and strong family life.

Our vision as a church is to be a people who love God, who serve our community, and who grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Marriages and families are God's idea, part of God's plan to bring stability to our communities and to extend the knowledge of Christ in our generation and the next.

For May and June we will journey into the heart of God's design and desire for our homes. Pastor Martin will bring messages shaped to help couples, parents and children dream God's dreams for your home life by building on solid principles for strong relationships in the home.
Solid doesn't mean perfect; what marriage or family is?  But think about some steps you can take for your home to make it stronger for the glory of God.

Principles are drawn from Gary & Barbara Rosberg's book, Six Secrets to a Lasting Love 
This is not a new book, but if you don't have it in your library, we recommend it.

The six messages in our series:
    May 1     God Has a Dream (A Love that Forgives)
    May 8     The Place of Honour (A Love that Serves)
    May 22  The Road Less Traveled (A Love that Perseveres)
    May 29  Enemies at the Gate (A Love that Guards)
    June 5    The Other Side of the Fence (A Love that Celebrates)
    June 19  I'll Love You Forever (A Love that Renews)

Left column: “Together as husband and wife, we declare our home a divorce-proofed home (I like that!)—a covenant home built on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ, characterized by unconditional love, and devoted to our lifelong commitment to each other.”

Middle: “By signing this covenant we promise to:
  • initiate a forgiving love where we’ve offended each other or when conflict arises;
  • demonstrate serving love by putting each others needs above our own;
  • exercise persevering love by walking through the most difficult times hand in hand;
  • establish a guarding love that will safeguard our marriage and let no man, woman or child divide us;
  • enjoy a celebrating love that keeps the spark alive in the relationship and celebrates you as my best friend; and
  • experience a renewing love that says “I’m committed to you until death do us part.”

Right column: “In the presence of God and these witnesses, and by a holy covenant, we promise to exhibit these loves toward each other every day. We promise that from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. Forsaking all others as long as we both shall live.”